Does this sound familiar?

Your Dr. just told you that you need to go on medication to lower either your blood pressure, cholesterol and or sugar levels and you really don’t want to but don’t know what else to do!

Get ready for a body that’s healthy, has more energy and looks great!

My 5 step plan to managing your high’s is for busy people who are time challenged and frustrated with what they should or should not be eating. They are not sure what cooking equipment they need or what cooking ingredients they should be buying and why. In your coaching program, I will take the frustration out your life and make it fun going grocery shopping and cooking delicious meals.

In your program, I can help you understand why your are stuck with making healthier food and lifestyle changes and will motivate and support you to implement new cooking techniques and time management in the kitchen without spending all your time in the kitchen. This program works best for busy people who are ready to commit and feel happier about making changes and being accounted for them.

Call 845-548-6520 or email to set up your complimentary session. Will do a personalized assessment of your health and goals so you can start getting focus on what you need support on.