Custom Meal Packages

Meal Plan

In addition to our selection of popular meal packages which you can order, we can also create a plan that is specific to your needs. Choosing the frequency and amount of meals you order can be customized around your schedule, allowing for the perfect balance around any lifestyle. Because we do the shopping, you can be sure to have quality fresh ingredients from the best stores and farms the Hudson Valley has to offer.

Three Entrees prepared for you fresh weekly and up to six servings. Choose three different entrees and appropriate side dish (es). This plan is ideal for the busy professional or family who wants fresh and healthy dishes to supplement throughout the week. This plan can also be taken bi-weekly and as a freezer service.

Five Entrees prepared for your freezer and up to four servings. Choose five different entrees and appropriate side dish(es). This plan is ideal for busy professionals or retired couples who want to eat in more often and who enjoy comfort style stews and casseroles.

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Prepared Meal Packages by Chef Donna

Personal Chef Services, include: Client Assessment, Shopping, Cooking, Heating Instructions  and Clean-up. Groceries  and containers will be invoiced separately and at the time of purchasing, Chef will give you an approximate amount.

  • 3 entrees with side dish(es)  up to 4 servings
  • 4 entrees with side dish(es) up to 4 servings
  • 5 entrees with side dish(es) up to 4 servings
  • 5 entrees, no sides up to 4 servings

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