Many restaurants are looking for easy ways to take advantage of seasonal cuisine and entice customers in search of healthy local foods. Other establishments may need an outside perspective on how to optimize or expand upon a current menu. While a new restaurant might need more collaboration on the front-end to develop a menu that is right for the business and differentiates them from competitors. What’s Cooking is here to help, no matter the issue.

We provide menu and recipe development for restaurants, country clubs or any food establishment looking to create or expand upon menus. We work with you to identity your needs and untapped opportunities. Each recipe will be created and tested for perfection and to your satisfaction. We can also put together a recipe cookbook as a point of reference for staff members.

What’s Cooking can prepare hands-on instruction to you and/or your kitchen staff after each menu project to ensure all new menu items are prepared and plated in a consistent manner. This whole experience works best as  a true collaboration. Working with your kitchen talent, we aim to develop a culinary offering second to none.

What’s Cooking can be hired for a one-time project, on an as needed basis, or seasonally. We are happy to provide you with a quote based on your specific needs.


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